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A glass of wine is what I need [29 Apr 2005|11:15pm]
Well, today was a much needed end to a loooong week. Today was good...I KICKED ASS IN MATH!!!

But why did that just have to go and ruin a perfect day?

fuck it.
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[07 Apr 2005|09:33pm]
[ mood | loved ]


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ugh [07 Apr 2005|09:21pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

me and katie had fun today.
we made cupcakes, and did math, took a nap, and went swimming.
it was almost like summer hanging out with rakel, nick, and scott.
i can not wait until summer.

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[06 Apr 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

So, this has been my third day home from school...I think its about time for something like a surveyCollapse )

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[30 Mar 2005|05:04pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I'm at Katies, eating goldfish..

The week is almost over, I hope this weekend proves to be as good as the last.

I am getting pretty excited about this whole college thing, that is if I get accepted into some place good.

I really have nothing to complain about, but I wish there was something exciting going on.

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drinking heavily to slur my stroll [07 Feb 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | amused ]

You know, today was pretty good. But I have that sneaking suspicion that this is going to be a long week.

The one thing that pisses me off the most, is when i sneeze, and bite my tongue. I don't know, it just drives me crazy.

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[30 Jan 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I had such a great weekend. I didn't end up going snowboarding, but Sara and I still had fun while everyone else did.
It was also really good to spend the whole weekend with andrew, i miss him so much during the week. And it was our five month, which made me a very happy girl!!!

I really wish i could have made it to the show this weekend though, I don't remember the last time I went to one.

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[27 Jan 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

this weekend couldn't have come soon enough. I'm going to nh (retreat) and it should be pretty good.

actually, i am really really excited for it. i wish everyone could go though.
it should still be a good time though, and thats all i need.

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[25 Jan 2005|05:48pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i miss the summer
and everything that went along with it.

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finally... [23 Jan 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I've had this thing for months, and never once written in it. But, Katie made it pretty for me <3 so i figured i might as well write a quick one!!

nows the right time for a good songCollapse )

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